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PhoneTrack is remote tracking application for various Android devices. With our app you can secure all important data and track the other phone users. Our app extends parental control, employee control and give you quick possibility to find phone in case of loose or still situation.

How it works?

PhoneTrack is cloud based application. App constantly store selected data and send it to your account. In case of lack internet connection in device at particular moment application will store data locally and sync with cloud whenever it can! Account owner has unlimited access to stored data. You only need to create account at platform and log in into your account.


Our App is secure and fail proof. PhoneTrack is invisible, stable and have low phone resource usage. You gain access to all phone usage statistics in remote Dashboard - in one look you know how many connections was made and how many messages was sent. Also you know What number was most used by phone owner.




Chronological list of calls with custom filters. Our app store all connections with precise time and contact information. Our Search bar give you easy tool for fast call analyses.


Backup all messages with contact data and precise event time. Our app create backup of all messages even deleted. Advanced search give you easy way to filter and find everything you want


Automatic recording of all phone calls. Records are available in your user panel after login. Files are stored in secured cloud. You gain access via encrypted and limited access time link.


Application give you possibility of location tracking via GPS, BTS and WI-FI. Localisation history are presented as interactive list connected with build in map .


Full Contacts list refreshed every day.

Browser History

List of all visited sites with counter for Chrome and Internet up to Android 5.x

Stats & Search

Search bar give you possibility to find inappropriate content. Stats present most used numbers an give you a chance to find suspicious numbers.



Ambient recordings

Thanks to ambient recorder manager you can set up when and how long phone will be record all nearby ambient voices. With our uniq solution you can plan and record all ambient voices even in phone out of network cases. Competitive solutions need to full network range to do similar job. Compare to other solutions our app do not require stay in network range, get activation SMS or make conference connection or any other kind of connection locking default phone functionalities. PhoneTrack app will sync all ambient record tasks every 10 minutes and run it at particular moment. Records are stored in encrypted cloud with time limit link.


  • Works on Android from 2.2.3
  • App require periodically internet connection

More for less

  • PhoneTrack gives you best user experience and access to most relevant data, costing less than other similar solutions.
  • Full remote control on gained data - you decide what data should be stored into your account
  • App stay invisible

3 Step Installation

  • Create account Registration
  • Write to us, buy the app and send IMEI for activation. (to read IMEI write on phone keyboard (*#06#)
  • Install app on the phone


Phone Bug

Advanced localisation

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